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Vineeth Babu [Cloud Solution Architect]

Posted: April 1, 2023

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Are you prepared with your cloud migration roadmap and implementation strategy? Selecting the right tools marks the initial step toward bringing your vision to life. Cloud migration tools are technological facilitators, enabling organizations to efficiently transfer data, applications, or workloads from legacy infrastructure to the cloud. The key to success lies in having a team with the right technical expertise and skills to choose and integrate the best cloud migration solutions and tools tailored to your unique business requirements.

Let's explore some industry-standard cloud migration tools that help you successfully implement your migration process.

AWS Migration Tools

Azure Migrate Tools

Google Migration Tools

Carbonite Migrate

  1. AWS Migration Tools
  2. Being the pioneer in the public cloud market, AWS cloud migration tools offer a range of reliable enterprise migration software including AWS Application Migration Service and the AWS Server Migration Service. It provides support for migrating workloads from various environments such as .NET applications, Microsoft, VMware, SAP, and mainframe infrastructures. One of the key benefits is that you don’t need to make any changes to the source databases or download any other apps or drivers ensuring minimal disruption or downtimes.

    Core Features:

  3. Faster and secure data transfer

  4. Scalable cross-functional solutions

  5. Operates continuous data replication in multiple uses cases

  6. Perform homogeneous and heterogeneous database migrations

  7. End-to-end migration support

  8. Support for huge third-party migration tooling ecosystem

  9. Access to AWS advanced services including AWS Migration Acceleration Program, AWS Professional Services and AWS Managed Services

  10. Robust automation capabilities to handle the migration of mass workloads and applications

  11. Continuous monitoring and database targeting without interruptions

  12. Insight-driven migration process to bring intelligent recommendations for performance optimization

  13. Phased approach to migration process - Assess, Mobilize, Migrate and Modernize

  14. AWS Migration Tools and Service

    AWS Migration Tools/Services Functions
    AppDynamics Application Intelligence Monitor, respond, and analyze data from within business-critical applications.
    AWS Cloud Adoption Readiness Tool (CART) Provide insight into your level of readiness and what you can do to improve it.
    AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform A unified application performance management platform enabling design and orchestration of distributed cloud architectures.
    AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) A training program that allows teams to get proactive guidance and assistance and support on cloud migration with the support of AWS and its partners.
    Turbonomics Analyse cloud resources and consumption and help optimize usage and utilization for keeping costs in check.
    Dynatrace AI powered monitoring and analysis of cloud infrastructure and applications.
    TSO Logic Collect data from cloud platforms and provide insights and recommendations.
    Attunity CloudBea Enables database migrations through automated real-time integrations across cloud and hybrid environments.
    Cloud Endure Automate lift and shift cloud migrations through easy replication of source machines on the cloud.
    BMC Discovery An all-in-one tool that helps build, run, and manage multiple AWS services and tools across planning, analysis, testing DevOps and workflow automation.
  15. Azure Migrate Tooling
  16. Azure Migrate is a unified cloud migration service from Microsoft, the first cloud service provider to support the new international standard for cloud privacy- ISO 27018. It supports cloud migration from virtual machines and physical servers and cloud-to-cloud implementations. The Azure migration tooling consists of three categories of tools designed to manage and track all migrations. It also provides a central hub to track and execute on-premises data migration allowing teams to assess, execute, and track their migration.

    Core Features

  17. End-to-end cloud migration support

  18. Wide range of integrated partner tools

  19. Provides performance insight and built-in recommendations

  20. Support for quick and cost-effective large-volume migration

  21. Flexible approach to moving data into the cloud

  22. Central hub to track migrations

  23. Integrated Dashboard to get insight during discovery, assessment, and migration phases

  24. Pre-migrations analysis through cloud readiness analysis, and app dependency visualization

  25. Azure Migration Tools and Service

    Azure Migrate Tools/Services Functions
    Azure Data Migration Service (DMS) Migrate on-premises databases to Azure VMs running SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, or SQL Managed Instances.
    Azure Migrate - Server Assessment Discover and assess VMware VMs, Hyper-V VMs, and physical servers, to see if they are ready for migration.
    Azure Migrate - Server Migration Azure Data Migration Assistant (DMA)
    Azure Data Migration Assistant (DMA) Assess SQL Server databases for migration to Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Managed Instance, or Azure VMs running SQL Server and detecting compatibility issues.
    Discovery and Assessment Discover and assess servers including SQL and web apps.
    Movere Automates discovery, scanning, and collection of IT data.
    Web app migration assistant Assess on-premises web apps and migrate them to Azure.
    Azure Data Box Execute bulk data migration by providing hardware support to import or export huge amounts of data (more than 40TB) - into and out of Azure offline.
  26. Google Migration Tooling
  27. Google Cloud offers a comprehensive set of migration services and tools for enterprises, enabling the migration of critical applications, data, and infrastructure while ensuring scalability, high uptime, and data security. In addition to a range of migration options for workloads like MS SQL servers and Oracle, GCP also offers dedicated tools for various data and application migration scenarios. Harnessing the power of AI, GCP tools help automate repeatable migration tasks.

    Core Features:

  28. Simple and user-friendly migration operation

  29. Built-in pre-migration validation system

  30. Wide range of options to migrate applications databases, Oracle workloads, virtual machines, and hardware appliances

  31. Security of data in transit through on-premises rollbacks

  32. Real-time streaming for running workloads and data migrations

  33. Post-migration performance optimization through insights

  34. Rapid Assessment & Migration Program (RAMP) to streamline end-to-end migration

  35. Google Migration Tools and Service

    Google Migration Tools and Service Functions
    Cloud Migrate for Compute Engine Moves local VMware, VMs, vSphere, and Amazon EC2 instances to the Google Cloud Platform.
    BigQuery Data Transfer Service Automates data migration from SaaS apps to BigQuery on a scheduled basis.
    gsutil command-line tool/ Cloud Storage JSON API/ Google Cloud console Transfer data to Google Cloud Storage.
    Storage Transfer Service Migrate data to Cloud Storage from local data, online resources, and other cloud service providers.
    Migrate to Virtual Machines Moves physical servers and VMs from on-premises and cloud environments to Google Cloud.
    Transfer Appliance Hardware support to transfer and securely ship huge volumes of data to Cloud Storage.
  36. Carbonite Migrate
  37. Carbonate Migrate is standalone tool that provides advanced cloud backup solutions that allow scalable migration to any physical, virtual, or cloud environment. Its structured and repeatable migration process replicates data continuously from the source to reduce downtime while ensuring data security. With support over numerous operating systems, native hypervisors, and cloud platforms, this tool allows you to efficiently migrate all your essential data to the cloud.

    Core Features:

  38. Excellent customer support service

  39. Performs unlimited testing of the new environment with no interruption to the current operations

  40. Provides secure backup for home, professional, and enterprise solutions

  41. End-to-end cloud migration support

  42. Flexibility to choose the migration pathway – Automated workflow or Do it Yourself (DIY) blueprints

  43. Provide insights from the console to optimize performance

  44. How Gsoft Helps You To Choose The Right Cloud Migration Tools?

    Gsoft’s specialist cloud migration experts analyze your unique business needs and recommend the most optimal tools based on the current state of your infrastructure. Below are some of these key drivers.

    Support For Pre-Migration Assessment

    Carry out a pre-migration assessment to foresee the effectiveness of the selected cloud migration and identify any problems that might prevent the process from going as planned.

    Compatibility With The Provider’s Cloud Server

    This is a crucial factor to consider as cloud migration entails various workstreams such as moving data from on-premises to the cloud, between public and private clouds, and between public clouds.

    End-to-end migration support

    Assess the required level of support, including consulting, development, testing, and integration to determine the necessary effort and establish realistic expectations for all stakeholders.

    Support for migrating the whole gamut of data

    Examine the tool’s ability to migrate an organization’s entire data source including applications, workloads, and databases.

    UI/UX development support

    The migrated applications should adhere to modern UI/UX design principles for better usability. This approach is crucial for maximizing user engagement and satisfaction post-migration.

    Gsoft’s cloud migration services help you streamline your migration journey by clearing up uncertainties and choosing the right tools. Get a free cloud consultation today if you want to learn how these tools fit into your business’s unique needs.

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