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Gsoft Cloud Partner Program(GCPP)

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What is GCPP?

The Gsoft Cloud Partner Program (GCPP) is designed to help our partners avail discounts and credit benefits as they leverage our cloud offerings for their clients. Apart from allowing our partners to get access to industry-leading cloud technologies and best-in-class customer support, we also empower them serve their clients better through our specialized training programs.


Build and deliver modern cloud solutions leveraging Gsoft’s unique offerings, unlock value and transform your business for the digital age.

Global Reach

Widen your client base and unlock great new opportunities leveraging our global reach, scalability, and technical expertise.


Grow your business and derive more value for your stakerholders through new revenue streams, better utilization and benefit plans.

Discounts and Credits

Gsoft partner plan brings in a unique value proposition by helping partners carry our discounts and benefits to their clients and generate revenue by receiving a cut of all the cloud sales they enable on our platform.

Benefits of being a Gsoft Partner

Tap into our expertise, innovative solutions, and global network of customers and partners to expand your business offerings and generate more revenue.

Technology Empowerment

As a Gsoft Partner, you get access to discounted pricing, preferential support and special offers allowing you to offer more values to your customers.

Partner Joint Campaigns

Explore partner events which include Joint sales briefs and Partner focused webinars and virtual workshops, and in-person learning opportunities.

Gsoft Partner Pricing

GCPP has its unique advantages, not only can help our partners grow, but also drive them with the best pricing.

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