Gsoft Managed Kubernetes

Effortlessly manage your Kubernetes clusters with Gsoft's Managed Kubernetes

Simplifies the deployment and management of containerized applications with Kubernetes orchestration. It provides a secure and scalable platform with built-in monitoring and automation features to optimize performance and reduce downtime.

Enhance Containerized Workloads with Gsoft Kubernetes: A Scalable and Secure Open-Source Platform

Gsoft Kubernetes (k8s) provides an extensible, open-source platform for your cluster, enhancing the management of containerized workloads and allowing you to run your distributed systems with high availability and interoperability. It offers built-in security, cost efficiency, and enhanced performance, enabling automation and facile load balancing to orchestrate your storage. You can easily upgrade your applications and configurations while ensuring the protection of sensitive information.


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Use Cases

Gsoft Managed Kubernetes is a versatile cloud computing service that supports multiple use cases, including:

Continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines

Streamline the building and deployment of containerized applications with Gsoft Managed Kubernetes, allowing teams to quickly deploy new versions and automate the release process.

High-performance computing (HPC)

Gsoft Managed Kubernetes can handle complex HPC workloads, such as scientific computing and machine learning, running parallel workloads across multiple nodes, and reducing processing time.

Microservices architecture

Ideal for microservices-based applications, Gsoft Managed Kubernetes allows breaking down the application into smaller, more manageable services, making it easier to deploy, update, and scale.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Gsoft Managed Kubernetes can manage and scale IoT workloads, allowing easy deployment and management of containerized applications for connected devices.


Gsoft Managed Kubernetes provides a scalable and reliable platform for gaming workloads, allowing quick spin-up and management of game servers, reducing latency, and improving game performance.


Gsoft Managed Kubernetes provides a scalable platform for e-commerce workloads, allowing the deployment and management of containerized applications for online stores, handling traffic spikes, ensuring high availability and performance.

Quickstart with Gsoft Managed Kubernetes Services

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Effortlessly manage your containerized workloads with the rich set of features offered by Gsoft Managed Kubernetes. Discover some of the key capabilities below.


With Gsoft Managed Kubernetes, you can scale your resources up or down to meet the demands of your workloads.


The platform ensures high availability and reliability, so your applications are always up and running, even during unexpected downtime or hardware failures.


Gsoft Managed Kubernetes offers built-in security features, including network policies, identity and access management, and encryption at rest and in transit, to keep your applications and data secure.


The platform provides automation features for tasks such as deployment, scaling, and upgrades, reducing manual intervention and minimizing the risk of errors.

Monitoring and Logging

Gsoft Managed Kubernetes offers comprehensive monitoring and logging capabilities, providing insights into the health and performance of your applications and infrastructure.


The platform seamlessly integrates with other cloud services and tools, allowing you to extend the capabilities of your Kubernetes clusters and integrate with your existing workflows.

Cost Efficiency

With pay-as-you-go pricing and no upfront costs, Gsoft Managed Kubernetes offers cost-efficient pricing models, allowing you to scale your infrastructure up or down based on demand without incurring unnecessary expenses.


Maximizing Efficiency and Performance: Benefits of Gsoft Managed Kubernetes

Efficient Container Orchestration

Gsoft Managed Kubernetes enables easy management and scaling of containers across different environments without the need to redesign microservices. This allows for efficient container orchestration across multiple hosts.

Faster Development and Release

Kubernetes' advanced management features facilitate the modernization of legacy applications and the creation of new cloud-native ones, leading to reduced development and release timeframes.

Improved Software Scalability and Availability

Utilizing horizontal scalability, Gsoft Managed Kubernetes ensures that your applications are highly scalable and available, minimizing downtime and improving performance.

Enhanced Developer Productivity

By providing real-time information from various tools and plugins, Gsoft Managed Kubernetes simplifies the observation, navigation, and management of your clusters, increasing developer productivity.

Optimized IT costs

Kubernetes is an intelligent orchestrator that optimizes the cost-efficiency of enterprises by providing in-depth ecosystem management.

Seamless Cloud Migration

Gsoft Managed Kubernetes enables easy and hassle-free migration of your applications to Kubernetes, helping you explore cloud-native software architecture and unify your operations.


Gsoft Managed Kubernetes FAQ: Everything You Need to Know


What is Kubernetes and Why Should You Use it?

Kubernetes is an open-source platform that automates the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. It improves efficiency, reduces development timeframes, and enhances developer productivity, making it a valuable tool for organizations managing applications at scale.


How Does Gsoft Managed Kubernetes Enhance Security?

Gsoft Managed Kubernetes enhances security with built-in features like network policies, access management, and encryption. It also offers automated updates to keep your clusters secure with the latest patches.


What is the Pricing Model for Gsoft Managed Kubernetes?

Gsoft Managed Kubernetes offers flexible pricing models, including pay-as-you-go pricing with no upfront costs. This allows you to scale your infrastructure up or down based on demand without incurring unnecessary expenses.


Can I Integrate Gsoft Managed Kubernetes with My Existing Infrastructure and Tools?

Yes, Gsoft Managed Kubernetes seamlessly integrates with other cloud services and tools, enabling you to extend the capabilities of your Kubernetes clusters and integrate with your existing workflows.


How Does Gsoft Managed Kubernetes Handle Upgrades and Maintenance?

Gsoft Managed Kubernetes automates upgrades and maintenance, so you can focus on your applications. It also provides monitoring and logging features to give you insights into your infrastructure's health and performance.

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