How Forerun Systems Achieved Cost and Performance Optimization Through Cloud Migration

Posted: August 27, 2021

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"Migrating and modernizing IT infrastructure not only reduces expenses but also amplifies efficiency and agility, enabling organizations to seamlessly implement their ambitious growth plans and promptly adjust to the ever-changing demands in the industry.”

Discover the success story of Forerun Systems, as they modernized their IT infrastructure for optimal cost and performance, leading to reduced costs, heightened efficiency, and enhanced flexibility to foster enterprise expansion. Through the implementation of efficient cost optimization techniques and successful migration of resources from an on-premises data center to the cloud, our team achieved a remarkable cost reduction of 35%.

Our Clients

Forerun Systems, a leading IT distributor and diversified business group with locations in Kochi, India and the Middle East, faced recurring performance issues with their SAP systems distributed across several on-premises servers. Due to hardware limitations and the existing infrastructure nearing its end of life, the client sought solutions that could offer both enhanced performance and cost optimization. Consequently, the company strategically decided to migrate their systems to the cloud, allowing them to achieve greater flexibility and cost efficiency.


The client encountered numerous difficulties during the process of transferring their assets to the cloud, with the primary challenges being:

  • The existing engagement had proven to be unsatisfactory in terms of cost and performance.
  • The client’s business growth plans needed a solution that could handle the fluctuating demands placed on their infrastructure during peak hours and festival seasons.
  • They also needed a solution that would provide greater agility and flexibility for their operations to support their business growth plans.
  • Ensuring the security of their assets before, during and after the migration was a major concern for the client. They had to safeguard their data and systems from unplanned disasters, unauthorized access, and breaches.


This migration involved implementing cost optimization methods to help the client prepare their IT environment for future growth. We employed the following strategies to address the cost optimization challenge they faced:

Resource right-sizing:We avoided over-provisioning and reduced costs by determining the appropriate number of resources required to run workloads and adjusting them to match usage patterns.

Cost-effective computing options: We utilized reserved instances to lower computing costs for dedicated workloads.

Autoscaling:Through automatically adjusting the number of instances based on usage, we ensured that the right number of resources was always available, resulting in significant cost reductions.

Cost optimization tools:We effectively monitored and controlled costs using tools like AWS Cost Explorer and Trusted Advisor. These tools provided detailed recommendations for optimization, enabling the client to manage their expenses efficiently.

Pay-as-you-go model:We used the pay-as-you-go model for additional resources to handle workloads based on demand, thereby reducing the cost by only charging for what is used, rather than over-provisioning.

Disaster Recovery:To ensure data and systems were protected in case of disruptions, we configured Disaster Recovery to Gsoft Private cloud.


The successful migration of Forerun Systems resulted in significant cost savings and equipped them with a competitive edge in their industry. Our team addressed their challenges, with comprehensive solutions that enabled them to stay ahead of the curve.

The newly implemented infrastructure effectively accommodated the fluctuating demands of their business and provided improved performance and responsiveness. Through the utilization of advanced cost optimization tools, the team were able to meticulously monitor and control costs, providing comprehensive cost and spend recommendations. Additionally, we helped the client to reduce their computing costs by integrating highly efficient and cost-effective computing solutions.

Overall, our comprehensive approach helped the client reduce costs and optimize their resources, while ensuring the safety and security of their valuable data and systems.

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