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Posted: September 14, 2022

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Cloud migration promises improved competitiveness and cost savings, yet many organizations find their expenses rising without a clear understanding of the cause. This raises the question of why some companies succeed in migrating to the cloud while others struggle with cost management.

This case study showcases the success of a leading Telecom service group client who faced the challenge of migrating few of their assets. Upon completing the migration to the cloud, the client experienced a noteworthy reduction in their operational expenses, demonstrating the tangible benefits of cloud-based solutions.

“ Gsoft sought to manage the increase in cloud hosting costs by forming a core team to create and execute strategies for reducing costs. Through cost optimization methods, the team was able to lower the client's monthly cloud spending by 45%, enhance profit margins, and provide more accurate forecasting. “

Our Clients

Our team was tasked by a leading retail Telecom company to tackle the complex challenge of migrating a vast array of their critical IT infrastructure from multiple geographical data centers to the cloud. With seamless execution and unwavering focus, we successfully migrated over 60 distinct assets across five accounts in the US and UK within a six-month period. These assets included servers, storage systems, and other crucial components that were essential to the company's day-to-day operations.


The client faced several challenges in migrating their assets to the cloud. The main challenges were:

  • Complexity
    With a large number of individual assets spread across multiple geographical locations, the migration process was complex and required a high degree of coordination and planning.
  • Business
    continuityDuring the migration process, the client expressed significant concern for ensuring uninterrupted business operations and zero impact on their customers, emphasizing the criticality of maintaining business continuity.
  • Cloud compatibility
    The client encountered a challenge related to cloud compatibility when migrating their Session Border Controllers (SBCs), which had bundled licensing with OEM hardware. The incompatibility of these SBCs with a cloud environment made it challenging to transfer their workloads to the cloud, limiting the cost savings and other benefits that cloud migration could provide.
  • Cost
    After migrating to the cloud, we encountered the challenge of high costs associated with cloud resource usage. To tackle this issue, we collaborated closely with the client and identified areas for cost optimization. Subsequently, we developed a comprehensive roadmap, which included real-time cost data metrics to effectively control costs.


Gsoft has implemented multiple strategies to assist our clients in maximizing cost savings during their cloud migration journey.

The team implemented the hybrid cloud approach to solve the challenge of migrating Session Border Controllers, which involved using a combination of on-premises datacenter and cloud resources. We evaluate each of them and determine the most cost-effective option, potentially keeping some SBCs on-premises if they are more cost-effective than their cloud-based alternatives. Additionally, we maintained an alternative option of SBCs that are cloud-compatible and do the same functionality and security features.

Another approach we have implemented is called "right-sizing", which involves a precise evaluation of an application or workload's resource needs, including CPU, memory, and storage requirements. This allows us to carefully select the most suitable cloud instance or service for our clients.

Our implementation of Auto-scaling enables the client's application or workload to dynamically scale its resources in response to usage patterns, ensuring that they only incur costs for the resources they require. Additionally, we provided the client with the option of committing to a specific usage amount for a defined period, which resulted in cost savings due to our reserved instances pricing model.

Incorporating our extensive expertise in Cloud Governance best practices and policies, we went beyond our core services to provide the client with advanced Cloud Cost Management Tools. These tools enable the client to seamlessly monitor and optimize their cloud expenses in real time while identifying and eliminating underutilized resources. Our ongoing support and monitoring guarantee that the client's cloud environment remains cost-efficient, optimized, and fully compliant with industry standards, ensuring peace of mind for the client.


The process was a great success, with all assets successfully transferred across multiple accounts. Through well-planned cost optimization strategies, we achieved in reducing the monthly MRC cost from 1,25000 dollars to 65,000 dollars. The client's business was able to continue without interruption, and the security of the assets was maintained throughout the migration process. The client was also able to optimize their migration process leveraging the unique capabilities of Gsoft cloud architecture and achieving the benefits of scalability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. We allowed them to focus on their core business by reducing the number of physical servers and data centers they had to manage, which resulted in substantial cost savings.


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