Cloud-Native Development

Streamlining Applications with Simplified Deployment and Integration

Cloud Native Development

Cloud-Native Development Services that Meet Modern Enterprise Demands

We specialize in providing cloud-native development services that surpass traditional approaches. Our approach involves re-architecting and re-platforming applications to ensure they align with modern standards and can be seamlessly deployed and integrated into your existing systems.

Robust Monitoring and Logging Solutions

Advanced Security Enhancement Features

Resilient Cloud-native Data Management

Serverless Computing and Autoscaling

Cloud Native Architecture

Empowering Scalable, Flexible and Reliable Cloud-Native Solutions for Modern Business

Whether you're looking to modernize your legacy systems or develop new solutions, our cloud-native development solutions provide a solid foundation for success as we laid the foundations of our Cloud-Native architecture on some intelligent principles.

Reliable IT support that quickly address issues pertaining to the infrastructure.

Minimal monolithic applications for high scalability.

Flexible architectural framework that ensures 100% availability without cost escalation.

Adherence to evolving cloud technologies for improved responsiveness to business needs.

Modern Application Development with Gsoft Cloud-Native Services

Our cloud-native services range from developing cloud-native applications and modernizing legacy systems to micro-service architecture development deployment on any cloud infrastructure.

Cloud-Native Application Development

From cloud architecture design and implementation to technical support and maintenance, we offer end-to-end cloud native application development services that entails designing, building, and deploying applications that run on any cloud infrastructure.

Legacy Modernization

Leave off your age-old legacy system that causes slow performance, security vulnerabilities, and high maintenance costs. We modernize them into highly adaptable and robust infrastructures, leveraging cutting-edge cloud-native solutions such as hardware upgrades, software updates, network integration, cloud migration, and more.

Micro-service Architecture Development

By breaking down your legacy applications into smaller, self-contained components, each designed to perform a specific task, we create a modular system that assemble the application in a distributed environment, to bring in greater accessibility, scalability, and reduced cost.

DevOps Implementation

Through DevOps automation, we automate the deployment and operations process utilizing infrastructure as code service and CI/CD tools. This helps you to reduce manual errors and improve the speed and reliability of your application while minimizing human intervention.

Case Studies

Real-world Examples of Our Successful Solutions


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Why Choose Gsoft Cloud-Native Application Development?

Our cloud-native application development services help you build and deploy applications that drive your business forward. We free up your team to focus on business requirements, not infrastructure.

In-depth Expertise

Experienced talents who live and breathe the latest cloud technologies and industry best practices in designing and building cloud-native applications.

Tailored Solutions

Unparalleled efficiency to understand your business challenges and discover the best possible solutions aligned with your business goals.

Enhanced Scalability

Capability to handle even the most demanding workloads while ensuring that your application is performant, reliable, and scalable.

Robust Security

Managed security services that encompass standard cloud security measure to ensures the safety of your Cloud-Native solution.

Cost Efficiency

Comprehensive cost optimization avenues that help to build and run applications at a lower cost while maintaining high performance and reliability.

Faster Time to Market

Leveraging the principles and practices of Cloud-Native architecture to develop and deploy applications faster and reduce TTM.

Improved Scalability

Easily scale your application to respond to changes in demand, enhancing its ability to manage fluctuations in traffic and load.

Increased Resilience

Achieve enhanced resilience with microservices, ensuring that failure of one component does not impact the entire application, reducing downtime and improving the user experience.

Automated Deployment

Streamlined development process with automated deployment and management of applications, reducing the manual effort of infrastructure provisioning, configuration & updates.

Our Approach to Cloud-Native Development

Discover how we design our Cloud-Native development approach incorporating best practices and key technologies, leveraging the capabilities of hyperscalers to improve speed, efficiency, and reliability in our software development processes.

Centralized Monitoring and Logging

We offer monitoring and logging components for your applications and infrastructure, enabling real-time tracking of key metrics related to the health and performance of your solution. This capability helps identify and resolve issues throughout the entire development process.

Design for Resilience and Scalability

We design your application architecture by incorporating measures to ensure it can handle fluctuations in traffic and load effectively. By leveraging distributed systems, such as event-driven architectures, we help you achieve improved scalability with growing demands.

Robust Security Practices

We prioritize security in our Cloud-Native applications by implementing robust cloud-based security solutions. These measures include security groups and network firewalls, which work together to protect your sensitive data and establish secure communication between services.

Efficient Microservices Architecture

We decompose a monolithic application into smaller, standalone services that can be individually developed, deployed, and managed to ensure that the failure of a single service does not affect the operation of the entire application.

Automated Deployment and Operations

We automate the deployment and operations process by utilizing infrastructure as code services and CI/CD tools. By minimizing human intervention, we ensure efficient and streamlined processes that optimize the overall development and operation of your application.

Scalable Containerized Environment

We enable container-based microservices utilizing Docker to package your applications for high portability and Kubernetes for scalable deployment. The results are accelerated development cycles, high performance, reduced risk of errors and downtime.

GSoft Insights

The Latest Insights and Trends from Our Experts

Explore a Variety of Topics, from Cloud-Native Development and Legacy Modernization to Digital Transformation and Innovation.


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Why is Cloud-Native Development Important for Businesses?

The modern business landscape is ever-changing making it critical for you to adapt to the changing dynamics and client needs. With digital at the center your organization, it is essential to adopt solutions that fully embrace the cloud-native development methodology and take advantage of the immense scale, security, performance, and a ton of other benefits that come with cloud computing.

Cloud Native Development

FAQs of Cloud-Native Development

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Cloud-Native Development?

Cloud-native development refers to an approach in software development that encompasses cloud computing principles and technologies to build and deploy applications. It involves designing, developing, and operating applications specifically for cloud environments.


What do Cloud-Native service providers do?

Cloud-native service providers offer a range of services and solutions to support you in their cloud-native development and deployment initiatives including:

  • Cloud Infrastructure services, such as virtual machines, containers, storage, networking, and security.
  • Containerization platforms like Docker and container orchestration platforms like Kubernetes.
  • Serverless Computing automatically scales and manages the application’s compute resources based on incoming requests.
  • Managed databases specifically designed for cloud-native applications.
  • Tools and services for automation, monitoring, logging, and troubleshooting cloud-native applications.
  • Technical support and training to assist in adopting and optimizing cloud-native technologies.


How do I know if my business required Cloud Native solutions?

Determining whether your business requires cloud-native solutions involves considering several factors. Evaluate your specific business requirements, goals, and constraints when considering cloud-native solutions. Conducting a thorough assessment of your existing infrastructure, application needs, and future growth plans can also help determine whether adopting cloud-native solutions is the right choice for your business. Similarly, consult with cloud-native experts or service providers who can provide you with valuable insights tailored to your organization's unique circumstances.


How can my business benefit from cloud-native services?

Adopting cloud-native services can offer several benefits to your business. Some of the key advantages include:

  • Scalability and Elasticity
  • Agility and Time-to-Market
  • High Availability and Resilience
  • Improved Efficiency and Productivity
  • Flexibility and Portability
  • Innovation and Experimentation


Traditional vs. Cloud Native Applications: What’s Best?

Traditional applications are typically designed to run on dedicated physical or virtual servers. However, cloud-native applications are designed specifically for cloud environments. They leverage microservices architecture and containerization to achieve greater flexibility and scalability. Determining the best approach depends on your specific requirements and goals.

  • Traditional applications may be suitable if you have existing legacy systems, specific compliance requirements, or applications with stable workloads that do not demand high scalability or rapid feature releases.
  • Cloud-native applications are ideal for businesses seeking agility, scalability, and the ability to innovate quickly. If you anticipate dynamic workloads, rapid deployment cycles, or the need for high availability and resilience, a cloud-native approach is advantageous.


How much assistance do you provide after the creation of a cloud-native app?

Cloud providers offer a wide range of assistance and support throughout the lifecycle of cloud-native applications. Generally, these services encompass the following areas.

  • Documentation and Knowledge Base to help developers understand how to use the cloud services effectively and troubleshoot common issues.
  • Support channels such as email, chat, or phone support to help developers resolve specific issues or answer questions related to their app.
  • Communities and forums where developers can seek assistance, share knowledge, and collaborate with other developers.
  • Monitoring and alerting capabilities help identify and resolve issues promptly and ensure the smooth operation of the app.
  • Tools and utilities to assist with troubleshooting and debugging applications.


What are the cost implications of adopting cloud-native development?

The cost implications of adopting cloud-native development can vary from business to business based on the following factors.

  • Infrastructure requirements
  • Number of additional services
  • Dynamic scaling requirements
  • Improved Efficiency and Productivity
  • Training and upskilling cost
  • Maintenance and support expenses

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