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Gsoft highly values the power of strategic alliances, and that’s the reason why we partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS), a renowned global leader in cloud computing. AWS's robust infrastructure, cutting-edge services, and unmatched scalability make it an indispensable partner for businesses. But why choose Gsoft as your bridge to AWS? Our expertise, support, and value-added services go beyond what you get with AWS directly, ensuring your organization harnesses the full potential of the cloud while enjoying the benefits of a trusted partner.

Gsoft-AWS Partnership

  • Our certifications encompass a wide range of AWS services, including but not limited to AWS Certified Solutions Architect, AWS Certified DevOps Engineer, and AWS Certified Security - proving our proficiency in designing, implementing, and securing cloud environments.

  • Partnership with AWS grants us access to valuable resources, early insights into new AWS features, and priority support channels. This means that when you choose Gsoft as your AWS partner, you gain a competitive edge, benefit from optimized cloud solutions, and receive exceptional support throughout your cloud journey.

  • Gsoft’s AWS-certified professionals have the extensive knowledge and experience to design, deploy, and manage cloud solutions. This allows us to provide our clients with the highest quality services and have the certifications and experience to back it up.

  • Gsoft-AWS Service Offerings

    With Gsoft's AWS partnership, you will gain access to a comprehensive suite of services designed to maximize the benefits of AWS while addressing your specific business objectives.

    Cloud Migration

    We assist you in moving your operations to AWS with minimal disruption. Our team evaluates your existing infrastructure, creates a migration plan, and executes the transfer efficiently. This ensures that you can harness the full potential of AWS, enabling scalability, cost-efficiency, and improved performance.

    Application Modernization

    Leveraging AWS's cutting-edge tools and our profound expertise, we help you transform your legacy systems into agile cloud-native solutions that seamlessly align with your ever-changing business requirements. This ensures your applications not only meet your current needs but also position you for future growth.

    AWS Managed Cloud Services

    We manage, monitor, and optimize your AWS cloud infrastructure and consistently operate atits peak performance. Additionally, we provide proactive support to quickly address any issues that may arise in your cloud environment, making it secure and cost-effective.

    DevOps Automation

    Gsoft helps you automate workflows, streamline deployments, and enhance collaboration between development and operations teams. Our DevOps solutions leverage AWS's extensive suite of tools to drive efficiency, accelerate software delivery, and improve overall product quality.

    Cloud Security and Compliance

    Gsoft, in partnership with AWS, provides robust cloud security and compliance solutions. We implement best practices, conduct thorough audits, and configure AWS security features to safeguard your data and applications.

    AWS Technology Highlights

    Our expertise spans an array of AWS services and tools, enabling us to address your diverse business challenges. Here are some key AWS technology highlights that drive our partnership:

    Amazon ECS (Amazon Elastic Container Service)

    Manage and orchestrate containerized applications, ensuring persistent scalability and optimized resource utilization.

    Amazon EKS (Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service)

    Deliver robust container orchestration to simplify the deployment and scaling of containerized workloads with managed Kubernetes services.

    Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud)

    Provides scalable and flexible computing power, ensuring your applications run smoothly, regardless of workload fluctuations.

    Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)

    Offers secure and scalable storage solutions, enabling efficient data management and seamless access to critical resources.

    AWS Lambda

    Serverless computing with AWS Lambda optimizes resource allocation and delivers cost-effective, event-driven applications.

    Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service)

    Manages relational databases on RDS, ensuring high availability, durability, and performance for your data.

    Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)

    Design and configure VPCs to create isolated network environments, enhancing security and control over your AWS resources.

    AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)

    IAM solutions to control access to your AWS resources, enhancing security and compliance.

    Amazon CloudWatch

    Provides real-time monitoring and visibility into your AWS environment, to proactively optimize performance and costs.

    AWS Elastic Beanstalk

    Deploy and manage applications and ensure application scalability.

    AWS CloudFormation

    Automate infrastructure provisioning, enabling rapid and consistent deployments.


    Microsoft Azure

    Azure, a renowned global leader in cloud technology, facilitates innovation and transformation for businesses of any size. Its extensive array of services and global presence make it a dependable and inventive option for companies looking to enhance their cloud capabilities. So, what sets us apart from going directly with Azure? Why choose Gsoft as your gateway to Azure's limitless possibilities?

    What Are You Moving To The Cloud? Azure, a renowned global leader in cloud technology, facilitates innovation and transformation for businesses Azure, a renowned global leader in cloud technology, facilitates innovation and transformation for businesses

    Azure's vast ecosystem provides the foundation for scalability, reliability, and advanced functionality, while Gsoft's expertise and personalized approach amplify those advantages.

    Our team of certified Azure professionals is dedicated to creating Azure solutions to your unique requirements, ensuring you receive a highly optimized, efficient, and secure cloud environment.

    About Gsoft-Azure Partnership

    With Gsoft's AWS partnership, you will gain access to a comprehensive suite of services designed to maximize the benefits of AWS while addressing your specific business objectives.

    Your Trusted Azure Partner

    With our Azure partnership, you gain more than just a service provider; you gain a strategic advisor dedicated to your success. We work closely with you to understand your goals and challenges, providing guidance, support, and personalized solutions for a successful cloud transition.

    Certifications and Expertise

    Our team of Azure-certified professionals boasts an in-depth knowledge of Azure's vast ecosystem. We hold certifications in areas such as Azure Solutions Architect, Azure DevOps Engineer, and Azure Security, showcasing our proficiency in designing, deploying, and securing Azure environments.

    Comprehensive Azure Services

    From Azure Virtual Machines to Azure Kubernetes Service, we have the expertise to guide you throughout each phase. We offer a comprehensive suite of Azure services including cloud migration, application modernization, Azure DevOps, data analytics, and more.

    Innovation and Excellence

    Our partnership with Microsoft Azure is a clear example of our dedication to cloud innovation and excellence and our efforts are focused on maintaining a leading position in Azure technologies. Also, the partnership grants us access to Azure's resources, latest features, capabilities, and priority support channels.

    Gsoft-Azure Partnership Offerings

    Whether you're looking to migrate your infrastructure to the cloud, modernize your existing applications, or harness the power of Azure's cloud-native development capabilities, we have the solutions that maximize your cloud benefits.

    Azure Migration Services

    We help you assess, plan, and execute a smooth transition to Azure, ensuring minimal disruptions to your operations. Our experts optimize your infrastructure for Azure's scalability, reliability, and cost-efficiency.


    Is your business ready for the future? Leveraging Azure's cutting-edge technologies, we revamp your legacy systems, making them more agile, efficient, and responsive to your evolving needs.

    Azure Cloud-Native Development

    We design and build scalable, secure, and highly available applications that utilize Azure's cloud-native capabilities. From serverless computing to container orchestration, we leverage Azure services to accelerate your development cycles and bring your ideas to market faster.

    Azure Managed Services

    With proactive monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting, we take the burden off your IT team, ensuring your cloud environment runs optimally, remains secure, and compliant.

    Cloud Security and Compliance

    From identity and access management to threat detection and data protection, we offer top-notch cloud security and compliance solutions to safeguard your Azure environment while meeting regulatory standards.

    Azure Technology Highlights

    Azure Virtual Machines (VMs)

    Provides a wide range of virtual machine configurations to meet your specific workload requirements for hosting applications and services.

    Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

    Simplifies container orchestration, making it easier to deploy, manage, and scale containerized applications using the popular Kubernetes platform.

    Azure Functions

    Enables development of event-driven, microservices-based applications without managing the underlying infrastructure while allowing automatic scaling to match your workload.

    Azure AI and Machine Learning

    Use pre-built models, create custom machine learning models, and integrate AI into your applications for smarter decision-making.

    Azure DevOps Services

    Improves collaboration, automates workflows, and delivers software faster with a suite of tools designed for modern software development practices.

    Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

    Enables single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), and identity protection to enhance the security of your applications and data.

    Azure Data Services

    Provides globally distributed data solutions to store, analyze, and gain insights from your data using a wide range of data services, including Azure’s SQL Database, Cosmos DB, and Data Lake Storage.

    Azure Security Center

    Gain insights into security threats, implement policies, and protect your cloud infrastructure from potential vulnerabilities.

    Azure IoT Hub

    Connect, monitor, and manage IoT devices at scale with Azure IoT Hub. Collect and analyze data from IoT devices to make informed decisions and drive operational efficiency.

    Azure Networking

    Build secure and high-performance networks with Azure Virtual Network, Azure ExpressRoute, and Azure VPN Gateway.

    Azure App Service

    Quickly build, deploy, and scale web and mobile applications using automated scaling, continuous deployment, and integration with popular development frameworks.

    Azure Cost Management and Billing

    Monitor and optimize your Azure spending to gain insights into resource costs, set budgets, and control expenses effectively.


    Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

    At Gsoft, we've chosen to partner with Google Cloud for a multitude of compelling reasons. Google Cloud is renowned for its cutting-edge technology stack, global infrastructure, and innovation. Through the Gsoft-GCP partnership, we bring you the best of both worlds, offering a seamless bridge to Google Cloud's extensive offerings.

    What truly sets us apart is our commitment to delivering a personalized, client-centric experience. By choosing to work with Gsoft as your Google Cloud partner, you gain the advantages of a trusted advisor who understands your needs, tailors customized solutions, and provides unparalleled support, making your cloud journey not only efficient but also optimized for success.

    About Gsoft-Google Partnership

    As Google Cloud’s prestigious partner, we have access to its vast resources, training, and support, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of industry trends and technologies. Moreover, our certified Google cloud experts possess the knowledge and skills needed to design and implement solutions that maximize the value you derive from Google Cloud services. Gsoft-GCP Partnership Offerings (Please omit the intro description if we use a Collapsible Menu for this section)

    Gsoft-GCP Partnership Offerings

    We ensure your Google Cloud journey is not just a migration but a transformation that maximizes the benefits of Google's powerful cloud platform. Partnership with GCP allows us to offer a wide range of services that helps you make the best out of those benefits.

    Cloud Security and Compliance

    Our services include identity and access management, data encryption, threat detection, and compliance assessments to safeguard your cloud environment and ensure adherence to industry regulations.

    Cloud Migration

    We assess your existing infrastructure, plan your migration strategy, and execute the transition with minimal disruption. Whether you're moving applications, data, or workloads, we ensure a successful and efficient migration to Google Cloud.

    Managed Cloud Services

    We proactively monitor, optimize, and secure your Google Cloud infrastructure, ensuring high performance and availability, allowing you to focus on innovation as we handle the day-to-day operations and support.

    Hybrid and Multi-cloud

    Our experts design and implement solutions that seamlessly integrate on-premises infrastructure with Google Cloud and other cloud providers, enabling you to eliminate the complexities of hybrid and multi-cloud deployments.

    Application Modernization

    Our application modernization services leverage Google Cloud's advanced technologies to modernize your legacy applications while leveraging innovative features like containerization and microservices.

    DevOps Automation

    Gsoft helps you implement DevOps best practices on Google Cloud, automate deployment pipelines, and streamline collaboration between development and operations teams. This results in faster releases, improved quality, and reduced operational overhead.

    Google Cloud Technology Highlights

    Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

    Provides container orchestration technologies to deploy and manage containerized applications with ease, enabling rapid scaling and efficient resource management.


    Google's fully managed, serverless data warehouse helps to analyze vast datasets faster and derive actionable insights for data-driven decision-making.

    Google Cloud Networking

    Robust networking solutions such as Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and Cloud Interconnect to build a high-performance, secure, and globally connected network.

    Google Cloud AI

    Machine learning services, such as AutoML and AI Platform, to build intelligent applications, and automate processes.

    Google Cloud Functions

    Enables serverless computing to execute code in response to events without managing servers.


    Enables you to manage and deploy applications across on-premises, Google Cloud, and other cloud providers.

    Google Cloud Security Command Center

    Provides centralized visibility, analysis, and threat detection across your Google Cloud environment.

    Google Cloud App Engine

    Quickly develop and deploy scalable web applications focusing on code and innovation while Google manages the core infrastructure.

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