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Balance your traffic, maximize your capacity, and boost your speed

Our load balancer distributes traffic across VMs to improve performance and availability, preventing slow performance and downtime due to overloaded servers. It selects the best VM based on capacity, location, and health for a fast and reliable service.

Optimizing Your Server Performance and Availability.

With Gsoft Fully Managed Load Balancer, you can effectively handle incoming traffic across multiple servers while ensuring optimal performance, scalability, and availability through content-based routing. You can also develop High Availability applications that come with automated scaling and fault tolerance. By balancing client requests across backend servers, this distribution technique maximizes hardware capacity utilization and speed.


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Use Cases

Powering Your Applications: How Gsoft Load Balancer Helps Different Industries

Ecommerce websites with high traffic

Gsoft Load Balancer can handle heavy traffic during peak periods, like holiday shopping seasons, by distributing the traffic across multiple servers, ensuring high availability and preventing site crashes.

Media streaming applications

Gsoft Load Balancer optimizes traffic distribution for video streaming and other media applications, providing a seamless experience for users with high bandwidth and low latency.

SaaS applications

Gsoft Load Balancer ensures high uptime for SaaS applications with its automatic failover and health monitoring features, ensuring continuous availability and quick response times.

Hybrid cloud environments

Gsoft Load Balancer distributes traffic to resources in both on-premises and cloud environments, ensuring optimal utilization and scalability for organizations that use a combination of resources.

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The Optimal Solution for Streamlined Server Management

Efficient Traffic Distribution

Distributes incoming traffic across multiple servers using content-based routing, which ensures that each request is directed to a most suitable server based on its content type.

High Availability Applications

Allows you to create High Availability applications with automated scaling and fault tolerance. Ensures that your applications remain available and responsive, even during peak traffic.

Seamless Scalability

Gsoft Load Balancer makes scaling your applications a breeze. You can add or remove servers easily, depending on your traffic demands, without affecting performance.

Optimal Hardware Utilization

The load balancer balances client requests across backend servers, maximizing hardware capacity utilization. This feature minimizes downtime & enhances overall speed.


Unleash the Power of Gsoft Cloud Load Balancer: Key Benefits


Gsoft cloud load balancers help you scale your applications and websites effortlessly by distributing incoming traffic across multiple servers, without downtime.


Ensure that your applications remain available and responsive, even during peak traffic, with Gsoft cloud load balancers' automated scaling and fault tolerance features.

Disaster Recovery

Gsoft cloud load balancers mitigate the impact of disasters by routing traffic to backup servers in the event of a server outage.

Security and Accessibility Combined

Isolated from the public internet by default, ensuring high levels of security. You can still access virtual machines within the virtual network using a public IP address.the internet. Access VMs in a Virtual Network with Public IP.


Gsoft Load Balancer FAQ's: Everything You Need to Know


What is a load balancer and how does it work?

The load balancer distributes incoming network traffic across multiple VMs to optimize resource utilization, maximize throughput, minimize response time, and ensure high availability. With different algorithms like round-robin, least connections, IP hash, or content-based routing, the load balancer determines how to distribute traffic among servers to provide an efficient and reliable service.


How do I configure the Gsoft Load Balancer for my applications?

Gsoft Load Balancer provides an easy-to-use web-based interface for configuring and managing your load balancer settings. You can create backend pools of servers, configure health probes, set up SSL termination, define content-based routing rules, and monitor your traffic and performance metrics in real-time. You can also use API calls or command-line tools to automate the configuration process.


How does the Gsoft Load Balancer ensure high availability and fault tolerance?

Gsoft Load Balancer supports multiple features to ensure high availability and fault tolerance, such as automatic failover, health monitoring, load balancing algorithms, and backend server scaling. You can configure your load balancer to detect failed servers, automatically redirect traffic to healthy servers, and scale up or down the number of servers based on the traffic demands.


Can I use Gsoft Load Balancer for my on-premises servers or hybrid cloud environment?

Yes, you can use Gsoft Load Balancer to balance the traffic for your on-premises servers or hybrid cloud environment by setting up a site-to-site VPN. This allows you to extend your virtual network to include your on-premises resources


How much storage can I get with Gsoft Block Storage?

The amount of storage available through Gsoft Block Storage depends on the type of virtual machine you have purchased, such as General Purpose, Compute Optimized, or Memory Optimized. You can configure the required cloud storage and deploy Gsoft High-Performance SSD for optimal storage.

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