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Reach more customers for your cloud solutions

Gsoft Cloud Partner Program (GCCP)

The Gsoft Marketplace brings in solutions that allow our partners to sell and market their cloud applications. Leveraging the exceptional offerings that we deliver; we help our partners to achieve wider market reach at optimized cost and beget extended values to their customers.

Grow your Cloud business with Gsoft Marketplace

Our marketplace platform provides a unique opportunity for our partners to connect and grow their services together by choosing the perfect tools and solutions to enhance business operations.

Promote your solutions

We help you track and measure your cloud cost independently in a well-architected OpEx environment allowing you to spin up/down the resources as desired optimally.

Drive more leads

Generate more leads through our unique marketplace campaigns and automated recommender systems.

Grow Revenue

Leverage rich commerce capabilities and get insights into how your business is performing on Gsoft Marketplace.

How it works

The Gsoft marketplace offers a one-stop-portal for marketplace vendors to manage their offerings covering all aspects such as versioning and release management.

Register with Gsoft

Register your company with Gsoft by filling up our sign up form with essential information on your business.

Build your Marketplace app

Learn how you can bring your cloud solution to the Gsoft Marketplace as an offering that can be leveraged by Gsoft users worldwide.

Grow your business

Offers a one-stop-portal for marketplace vendors to manage their offerings covering all aspects such as versioning and release management, product listing and documentations and customer support.

Expand your opportunities

Together we grow faster and further


Frequently Asked Questions


How can I sign up as a Gsoft marketplace partner?

To sign up as a Gsoft marketplace partner, access the sign up page of Gsoft marketplace partner by clicking the Become a Partner link. Provide all the details as required and submit the sign up form. Our onboarding team will review the application and reach out to you.


How quickly can a partner create a listing in Gsoft Marketplace?

A partner can complete the task to join the Gsoft Marketplace and create a listing in not less than 7 days.


Is there an annual fee for being part of Gsoft Market Place partner?

No, there is no fee to continue being part of Gsoft Marketplace partner.

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