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Version: 21.10

Reliable and high-performance operating system optimized for your virtual machines to achieve seamless computing.

By: Canonical

Windows Server 2019 Standard

Version: Windows Server 2019 Standard

A steadfast and versatile operating system to power up your virtual machines for modern cloud computing.

By: Microsoft

MS SQL Web Edition 2019

Version: MS SQL Web Edition 2019

Scale your applications with the robust capabilities of the high-performance database engine.

By: Microsoft

MS SQL Enterprise Edition 2019

Version: MS SQL Enterprise Edition 2019

Streamline your data-driven applications with advanced analytics and security features.

By: Microsoft

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

Version: SUSE Linux

Make the most out of your virtual machines with a comprehensive set of features and tools designed to support enterprise-level workloads.


MySQL Community Edition

Version: 5.7.40 GA

Affordable and easy-to-use database solution trusted by millions of developers worldwide.

By: Microsoft

MS SQL Standard Edition 2019

Version: MS SQL Standard Edition 2019

Maximize the value of your business data with high availability and scalability.

By: Microsoft

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Version: RedHat 8

Efficient, flexible, and secure solution for your virtual machines to deploy critical applications and workloads.

By: Red Hat


Version: 8.5.2111

Get more from your VMs with the versatile and cost-effective solution that maximizes performance and uptime.

By: CentOS Project

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