Flexible, Affordable, and Reliable pricing plans for your cloud computing needs.

Achieve flexibility, transparency, and control over pricing with innovative pricing plans that maximize business value.

Gsoft Cloud Pricing Models

Gsoft offers simple and flexible pricing plans customized for your business needs. Pay only for the individual services you use without having to deal with the complex pricing plans.

Calculate your cost estimate

Estimate your expected cost based on workloads, locations, products, and services using Gsoft pricing calculator.


Choose the Pay-as-you-go on-demand pricing model if you need the flexibility to add, or remove services intermittently.

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Monthly Planner

The Monthly credits model allows you to easily try out Gsoft cloud services on a fixed monthly budget.

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Reserved Instances

The Reserved instances model offers capacity reservation of resources and customized payment methods for long-term services.

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Comprehensive Products built with trusted technologies.

Get a detailed estimate for your Gsoft products. We made it much simpler and easier for you to obtain your hourly and monthly pricing estimate for your usage. No hidden costs are included in the pricing plans. The Gsoft cost calculator gives you precisely the pricing estimate for a wide range of Gsoft products and a combination of products of your choice. The prices mentioned are relative to the selected products and their usage.

Benefits of choosing the Gsoft cloud pricing model

With Pay-as-you-go, work without any commitments and pay only for the resources you consume

With global coverage, we offer the best pricing across cloud regions

Choose Reserved Instances at the lowest cost based on your commitment period

Keep costs under check with a fixed monthly plan so that you always remain within your budget

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Customer world wide


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Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find Gsoft price estimates?

You can get an accurate estimate for your Gsoft products of choice on the Pricing and planning page. Once you click on the calculator and select your products, you will be provided with all ranges of plans and pricing for the same.


In which currency Gsoft is billed in?

Gsoft products are billed in US dollars globally. Register as Gsoft Partner If you want to make payment in your local currency.


When are the invoices generated?

Invoices are generated monthly and are subject to the product disclaimers for any additional charges. Pricing will be based on the usage in the previous month.


Are taxes applicable to my monthly invoice?

Taxes are subject to the applicable location. At the same time, Gsoft product pricing is completely free of hidden/additional cost.


Will I get technical guidance for choosing a plan?

Yes. Gsoft provides 24X7 technical support for our registered partner

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