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You will be billed in advance for the committed amount agreed upon as per the payment terms. You may avail of discounted pricing based on your monthly commitment and subscription duration. Your monthly credits get utilized based on actual usage and billed as per applicable rate cards.

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Estimate the cost of Gsoft products you choose.

When do you need it?

When you are budget conscious and want to keep costs under tight control

When you want the flexibility to explore multiple services

When you want to get the benefits of discounted pricing but are apprehensive of long-term commitments


Complete access to products and services

Flexible upfront payment options

Discounted pricing

Auto-renewal of subscriptions every month unless canceled


Make the most of your monthly commitment to achieve cost savings

Business Productivity

Allows businesses to adhere closely to budgeted costs and keep overruns in check. Handy if you already have a sense of your monthly consumption. Keeps you stay on top of your business goals and commitments and help motivate you to be more productive and organized.

Wider Accessibility

Provides access to more services and configurations giving you the choice to explore our catalog with more freedom.

Discounted Pricing

Get the benefits of discounted pricing while still not having to go in for long commitments.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I upgrade the monthly plan to an annual plan?

Yes. You can upgrade the monthly plan to an annual plan. However, you will be billed generate monthly.


Can I use free credit in the monthly plan?

Yes. Based on the plan chosen, if you are provided with any discounts or free credit (subject to availability) you can avail yourself of the offers.


What mode of payment is accepted for the monthly plan?

Monthly plans can be purchased using credit card, debit card, or bank transfer. Based on certain locations, online payment gateways can be used as well.


Can I change my plan while using a certain plan?

Yes. You can change the current plan to another plan.

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