Build your applications, migrate data and workload using consumption-based pricing. With this pricing model, Gsoft allows you to stick to your budget and pay only for the resources consumed.

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Estimate the cost of Gsoft products you choose.

When do you need it?

When you are at the point of deciding the service, you would use.

When tiered pricing does not work

When you frequently incur surplus costs and switch between plans

When you want the flexibility to pay per actual usage instead of paying upfron


No long-term commitments

No hidden charges

No minimum service periods

Flexibility to start/stop service


Leverage dynamic cloud environments with Pay-as-you go

Flexible scaling

Offers flexibility to scale on demand and keep costs down during off-peak times.

Cost efficiency

Achieve cost efficiency through affordable hourly/daily plans and eliminating payment for unused resources.

Resizing Resources

Eliminates overprovision of resources by limiting the resource requirement based on computing demands.


Achieve transparency in pricing by paying only for what you use with no additional or hidden charges.


Frequently Asked Questions


In what currency Gsoft products and services are billed?

Gsoft products and services are billed in US dollars. However, the pricing can be relative to your current location from where you utilize Gsoft services.


What are the payment options available to purchase Gsoft Products/Services?

Gsoft offers easy payment options such as credit or debit cards, and bank transfers. Based on certain locations, online payment gateways can be used as well.


Can I use two plans simultaneously?

Yes. If required, you can choose two different plans and operate simultaneously depending upon the products and usage capacity required.


How do I get my billing for the pay-as-you-go plan?

You will be billed per second based on the hourly rate. An invoice will be generated monthly based on your usage.


Can I access my servers from a different country?

Yes, Gsoft provides global access to your servers. You can access your servers from any country.

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