Reserved Instances

Commit to the capacity required for your business by reserving instances for one year with upfront payment and assured discounts on a standard price. With the Reserved Instances model, Gsoft provides a pool of reserved instances annually and the flexibility to use our cloud infrastructure&services at any time.

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Estimate the cost of Gsoft products you choose.

When do you need it?

When you have a clear view of the services you want to consume over a fixed term.

When you have a planned budget with spend constraints.

When you have confidence of sustained consumption over an extend period of time.


12 months credit period

Capacity reservation for a specific region

Flexible upfront payment options


Onboard workloads anytime, anywhere across the globe with cost efficiency


Closely align with your spending budget by reserving resources that you foresee for your business needs. Customize your computing resources to your specific needs by purchasing for a specific instance type, operating system, or availability zone.

Reserved capacity

Ensure resource availability to match your scalability needs across any cloud regions at any time within your reservation period.

Cost Saving

Get the benefits of significant discounts and more cost-effective pricing on your reserved instances.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I change the configuration of my reserved instances?

Yes. You can upgrade your reserved instances based on your needs. Gsoft provides various configurations you can choose from.


Is the payment monthly or upfront?

The reserved instances plan is an annual term plan with a monthly billing.


Can I extend the term of an annual plan?

Yes. You can extend your annual plan for a period subject to the approval of the panel.


Can I change the products while using a certain plan?

The selection of products is relative to the plan. You can request a particular product usage with the plan included.

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