From Deployment to Optimization - Lifecycle Stages of Managed Virtual Machines


Vineeth Babu [Chief Cloud Officer]

Posted: January 19, 2024

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With agility, performance, and security setting the standards for successful digitalization, having a reliable and efficient virtual infrastructure is more crucial than ever for today's businesses. This need not be a challenging task if a service provider fully manages and operates your virtual infrastructure. Here comes Managed Virtual Machines (MVM), a specialized virtual machine setting whose operations and management are handled by a dedicated cloud service provider .

Let me explain the life cycle stages of a managed virtual machine and what are the tasks performed by a managed service provider under each phase.

Life Cycle Stages of a Managed Virtual Machine

The lifecycle of a Managed Virtual Machine (MVM) typically involves several key stages, each with its specific tasks and considerations. Though the specifics may differ depending on your provider and plan, here's a typical roadmap of stages and activities handled by managed service providers for virtual machines.

Life Cycle of a Managed Virtual Machine
  1. Planning and Assessment

  2. “Define the purpose and requirements of the virtual machine deployment.”

    This involves conducting a thorough assessment of business needs and determining resource requirements, scalability, and performance expectations. Additionally, planning includes considerations for security measures and compliance to ensure a well-informed and strategic deployment.

  3. Deployment and Configuration

  4. “Setting up and configuring the virtual machine according to the defined specifications.”

    The activities under this stage include deploying VM instances based on the assessment, configuring networking, storage, and security settings, and ensuring compatibility with your existing infrastructure. The goal is to establish a solid footing for the VM’s operational environment.

  5. Monitoring and Management

  6. “Continuous oversight and proactive management of virtual machines for optimal performance.”

    This involves implementing real-time monitoring solutions, proactively addressing issues and incidents, and dynamically scaling resources to meet your varying demands. It keeps your virtualized environment resilient and responsive always.

  7. Maintenance and Updates

  8. “Implement measures to keep your virtual machine environment up-to-date and secure.”

    Maintenance and updates include automating routine updates, such as security patches and software upgrades, managing patch deployment to minimize downtime, and conducting regular maintenance tasks through automation.

  9. Performance Optimization

  10. “Optimize virtual machine performance throughout its life cycle”

    The performance optimization stage involves regularly analyzing performance metrics, fine-tuning resource allocation for optimal efficiency, and implementing continuous improvement strategies to address performance bottlenecks.

  11. Scalability and Resource Management

  12. “Ensure the virtual machine can scale to meet the changing needs of your business.”

    This involves planning for scalability based on growth projections, adjusting resources dynamically to accommodate varying workloads, and optimizing resource allocation for cost-effectiveness.

  13. Security Measures and Compliance

  14. “Maintain the security and Compliance requirements of your business.”

    Activities under this stage include conducting regular security audits and assessments. Additionally, implementing security measures such as firewalls, encryption, and access controls, and ensuring compliance with industry and regulatory standards is integral to this process. These practices help you to establish a strong security posture for the VM.

  15. User Support and Communication

  16. “Provide ongoing support and maintain transparent communication.”

    Offering technical support for users, establishing clear communication channels for updates and issue resolution, and promptly addressing user queries and concerns are the main tasks involved in this stage. This ensures a positive user experience and effective communication throughout the entire phase.

  17. Decommissioning

  18. “Safely retires the MVM when it reaches the end of its useful life.”

    This phase involves developing the resource decommissioning plan, migrating data and applications to alternative environments, and ensuring proper disposal of resources and data in compliance with security and privacy standards. The aim is to conclude the lifecycle of the managed virtual machine in a secure and responsible way.

Gsoft Cloud’s Managed Virtual Machines Service Offerings

As a reliable cloud computing company , Gsoft Cloud takes on the management and operational responsibility of your virtual infrastructure. Our managed virtual machine services incorporate a range of tasks across the entire lifecycle of your VM. To ensure a smooth VM operation and optimal performance, we utilize the following service features:

  • Choice of VMs: Diverse range of VMs, from pre-configured instances to custom-built solutions, perfectly aligned with your unique workloads.
  • Rapid VM Deployment: Expert handling of virtual machine deployment process ensuring fine integration and rapid time-to-value.
  • 24/7 VM Monitoring: Utilizes robust monitoring tools to proactively detect and address potential issues before they impact performance.
  • Scalability on Demand: Easily adjust resources as per your requirements - scaling up during peak periods and scaling down for cost efficiency.
  • Strong Security Protocols: Implement security in every layer of your VM environment, from data encryption to patch management and adherence to regulatory compliance standards.
  • Performance Optimization: Provides performance reports and proactive recommendations for continuous performance optimization. This includes fine-tuning configurations, monitoring resource utilization, and implementing best practices.
  • Cost Optimization: Optimizes your VM configuration, usage and billing strategy to maximize cost savings.

Ready to start with managed virtual machine services? Whether you are a startup or an established business looking for end-to-end virtual machine management solutions, we've got you covered. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and hear about how Gsoft Cloud can streamline your cloud operations.

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