How Gsoft Enabled a Seamless Hybrid Cloud Transformation for a Telecom Giant in New York, US

Posted: March 16, 2023

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In a challenging project set against the dynamic backdrop of New York, US, Gsoft Cloud used its skills to handle the intricacies of implementing Hybrid Cloud for a well-known Telecom Giant on a global scale. The initiative, which perfectly combined VMware technology for Private Cloud and AWS for Public Cloud services, achieved not just a smooth migration of extensive IT infrastructure but also ensured a unified Disaster Recovery and data storage system on AWS.

The positive result observed included a seamlessly executed transition and a significant 35% reduction in overall operational costs.

Our Client

The client, a Telecom Giant with a global footprint, grappled with several IT challenges amidst a rapidly digitalizing environment. With a vast IT infrastructure to manage and safeguard, the client sought to leverage cloud technology to enhance operational efficiency, ensure data safety, and maintain compliance with regulatory norms, all while mitigating operational costs. Executing the intricate process of migrating extensive and crucial data while ensuring security and operational continuity was of utmost importance.


While navigating through this complex project, Gsoft Cloud faced several noteworthy challenges:

  • The first obstacle was addressing the deep-seated operational efficiency issues, especially concerning core services behind Network Address Translation (NAT), which presented a technical complexity due to the client’s pre-existing IT infrastructure and network configurations.
  • Creating and implementing a robust Disaster Recovery system on AWS was another challenge. We had to ensure that the implemented recovery measures were persistent and seamlessly integrated with the existing infrastructure to ensure data protection and quick recovery.
  • Securing data and aligning its storage on AWS with strict regulatory and compliance guidelines posed a sensitive challenge. Achieving optimal data security and integrity within the complex landscape of international, federal, and state regulations, as well as industry standards, demanded a careful and well-informed approach.
  • The multi-faceted project involved coordination with various stakeholders, including AWS, VMware, Dell, Cisco, Fortinet, and Tata Communications. Managing communications, aligning strategies, and ensuring all parties were synchronized towards a unified goal presented a logistical challenge.
  • The massive scale and complexity of data that needed to be migrated without jeopardizing security or causing operational interruptions required meticulous planning, precise execution, and consistent monitoring to prevent data loss or breaches.
  • Ensuring the newly implemented Hybrid Cloud infrastructure aligned with the client’s various applications and did not disrupt the functionality or user experience required thorough testing and gradual implementation to safeguard against potential issues.


Gsoft Cloud orchestrated a methodical approach through various phases to navigate through the project's complexities including:

  • A comprehensive infrastructure analysis, scrutinizing every asset, application, and interdependency.
  • Rigorous risk assessment and dependency analysis to identify potential challenges during migration.
  • A meticulous plan, followed by a detailed design and implementation strategy ensuring two-zone availability and integrating AWS for backup and disaster recovery.
  • Pilot migration execution to allow stakeholders to validate the migration plan under realistic conditions.
  • Migration execution, resulting in a smooth transition and maintaining uninterrupted business operations.
  • Continuous optimization and monitoring of the cloud infrastructure after migration for optimized performance and cost-efficiency.
  • Ongoing support to ensure the hybrid cloud implementation consistently delivered optimal performance and remained adaptable to evolving requirements and challenges.


This project's successful implementation brought tangible benefits, establishing Gsoft Cloud as a trustworthy partner for advanced cloud solutions. The Telecom Giant now experiences increased flexibility and scalability, along with a notable cut in operational costs, all while upholding high standards of security and reliability. This effort highlights Gsoft's deep expertise in cloud services, excellent project management, and a strong commitment to ensuring client success.


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