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The cloud offers numerous benefits, but managing cloud workloads can quickly become complicated when your infrastructure requirements evolve. With our end-to-end managed cloud services, you can leave behind all the complexities to us. No matter where you are in your cloud journey, we will help you deploy, monitor, and optimize your cloud infrastructure quickly and effectively.

Managed Services

Our Managed Service Offerings

Holistic Cloud Solutions Powered by Hyperscaler Partnerships

Our managed service offerings encompass everything from developing cloud strategy and creating cloud architecture designs to setting up backup and disaster recovery solutions, implementing security and compliance measures, and providing 24/7 support. With our comprehensive managed cloud services suite, we ensure that you can focus on your business objectives while we handle the cloud operations.

Cloud Strategy & Planning:

We will collaborate with you extensively during each stage of your cloud adoption journey to understand your pain points and craft overarching cloud strategies to address them in a cost-effective manner. 

Cloud Architecture Design:

Using our deep cloud domain expertise and adhering to best practices, our cloud architects will help you create and implement resilient, scalable, and secure cloud infrastructure for all your computing needs. 

Infrastructure Management:

Network, Storage, or Compute—you name it, and we will manage it. Our certified cloud experts will own and operate all aspects, proactively handling provisioning, maintenance, and continuous optimization.

Application Performance Management & Monitoring:

Ensure optimal performance of your cloud-based applications with our monitoring and management services. Collaborate with us and gain real-time insights into performance metrics while proactively identifying crucial issues with alerting mechanisms.

Database Monitoring:

Experience seamless database performance with our database monitoring services. With efficient query analysis and alerting capabilities, our team captures anomalies and generates reports for tracking and comparing performance while identifying patterns or trends.

Data Center & IT Modernization:

Migrate to a modern, cloud-native environment with our data center and IT modernization services. Our certified cloud specialists will guide you through the entire process, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

DevOps Automation:

Offload your DevOps automation requirements to us. We provide fully managed services for automating each phase of your DevOps pipeline by integrating industry-leading DevOps tools and platforms customized to your specific requirements.

Cloud Migration:

Let our cloud experts take over and experience a smooth migration to the cloud. Using proven frameworks and automated tools, we seamlessly execute the migration of your applications, data, and infrastructure while ensuring end-to-end security, compliance, and performance.

Hybrid Multi Cloud Management:

We offer hybrid and multi-cloud managed solutions designed with centralized control and visibility, enabling real-time insights into performance metrics for timely action, thereby optimizing the utilization and orchestration of resources across multiple cloud environments.

Security & Compliance:

Your mission-critical systems and sensitive data are in safe hands. With our managed cloud services, we ensure that we conduct in-depth assessments, implement robust access controls, and provide continuous monitoring and response, all the while adhering to regulatory mandates like HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GDPR, etc.

Disaster Recovery:

We will guard you from unforeseen disruptions—minimizing downtime, preventing data loss, and enabling complete recovery of your cloud workloads when you need it most. Our fully managed cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions comprise hot standby environments, real-time replication, automated failover processes, and much more.

Support & Maintenance:

Sit back while we do the heavy lifting. We will appoint dedicated cloud specialists to proactively monitor your cloud environment round the clock, resolving issues, patching systems, optimizing costs, and continually modernizing your deployment.

Cloud Managed Service Provider

Gsoft as Your Managed Cloud Provider

As a leading Managed Cloud Provider, Gsoft offers you unparalleled expertise, strategic guidance, and a wide range of support for your cloud infrastructure – all while ensuring the highest level of business outcomes.

Continuous Innovation

Recommendations for implementing new services to drive innovation within your organization.

Proactive Monitoring

Implement continuous monitoring and take proactive measures to ensure your systems run smoothly.

Collaborations and Integration

Collaborations and Integration with trusted partners to enhance your business capabilities.

24x7 Support

Round-the-clock technical support and customer service for effective troubleshooting and maintenance.

Our Approach to Managed Cloud Services

We adhere to a unique blend of expertise, innovation, and proactive support, all aimed at delivering exceptional results for our clients. With our managed cloud services, we can help you automate your cloud management tasks and free up your IT team to focus on other priorities.



We work closely with your organization to thoroughly scope out the implementation, define roles and responsibilities, and establish a clear project plan, timeline, and methodology. With our comprehensive onboarding approach, you can instantly harness the benefits of our managed cloud service.



Our highly skilled team excels in managing all aspects of infrastructure and operations, encompassing platform applications, systems, security, performance, availability, and capacity management. With a deep understanding of intelligent processes and industry best practices, we ensure the seamless operation and optimization of your cloud environment.



Gsoft provides comprehensive services and exceptional assistance to enhance your cloud infrastructure and optimize performance throughout your cloud journey. This continuous monitoring, performance tuning, and proactive optimization we help you achieve this. We always strive to improve your infrastructure by leveraging industry best practices and technologies - No matter how complex your system is.



Backed by the dedicated support of our expert team available 24/7, we provide immediate assistance, and troubleshooting to resolve any issues that may arise. Our cloud-managed service goes beyond incident response. We have implemented proactive processes to detect and escalate performance incidents, allowing us to address potential issues before they impact your business.



We handle all the responsibilities of your cloud environment on your behalf including resource allocation and security to backups, updates, and compliance. From project initiation and onboarding through the full duration of services, we manage all aspects of your cloud infrastructure and handle all your queries and escalations.

Case Studies of Managed Services

Discover how business of all size have leveraged our managed cloud services to streamline their cloud operations and achieved specific business goals.


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Benefits of Partnering with the Right Managed Cloud Provider

Gsoft, as your managed cloud provider, can help you set up a resilient IT ecosystem. We monitor and manage your cloud workloads, applications, and systems, enabling you to unlock faster innovations and flexible operations.

Robust Security:

We go the extra mile to ensure that your data and applications are safe and secure by implementing robust security measures. 

Increased Cost-Efficiency:

Leave your cloud infrastructure management to us and save the cost of recruiting and training your own IT staff.

Efficient Scaling:

A managed cloud provider will help you scale resources up and down dynamically without experiencing underutilization, overprovisioning, or performance bottlenecks. 

Complete Data Protection:

We use robust disaster recovery and backup solutions to provide uninterrupted business operations, even in the face of disasters.

Enhanced Productivity & Efficiency:

Dedicated cloud expertise to streamline your business and infrastructure management, enhancing productivity and efficiency. 

Flexible Pricing:

We provide tailored pricing plans that encompass all cost factors while addressing your business goals and requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are managed cloud services?

Managed cloud services represent a unique approach to managing cloud ecosystems. In this approach, a third-party cloud service provider takes charge of managing the client’s cloud-based resources and infrastructure, thereby freeing up the host company from the operational intricacies of the cloud.


What responsibilities does a managed service provider undertake?

The role of an MSP is to proactively manage and maintain the IT infrastructure and systems of their clients, typically on a subscription or contract basis. Some of their key responsibilities include:

  • IT Infrastructure Management: Networks, servers, storage systems, and cloud platforms.
  • Network and Security Management: Configuring routers and switches, managing firewalls, intrusion detection, vulnerability assessments, and security patching.
  • Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance: Employ monitoring tools and technologies to keep a close eye on their clients' systems, applications, and network performance.
  • Help Desk and Technical Support: Handle user inquiries, troubleshoot technical issues, and provide guidance and assistance to infrastructure operations.
  • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery: Develop comprehensive disaster recovery plans and perform regular backups, testing, and recovery exercises.
  • Software and Application Management: Software installation, updates, and licensing management.
  • Strategic IT Consulting: Guidance for businesses to align their technology strategies with their overall goals, identify areas for improvement, and recommend innovative.


How do I choose a managed cloud service provider?

The key factors you must consider before choosing a managed cloud service provider are:

  • Expertise and experience in managing cloud environments.
  • Evaluate the range of service offerings by the provider.
  • Partnerships or accreditations with major cloud providers.
  • Ability to accommodate and handle your current and future scalability needs.
  • Track record in delivering high-performance and reliable cloud services.
  • Ability to implement robust security measures and compliance standards.
  • Support channels, availability hours, and response times for addressing issues or inquiries.
  • Pricing structure, including upfront costs, ongoing fees, and potential additional charges.


How do the services of MSPs and CSPs differ?

Cloud Service Providers offer Everything as a Service (XaaS), which includes Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). Whereas, MSPs aid in managing and optimizing their clients’ existing cloud infrastructure, which may involve tasks such as monitoring, backups, updates, patching, and troubleshooting.


When will you need the service of a managed cloud service provider?

You may need the services of a managed cloud service provider when:

  • You don't have the expertise and time to manage your cloud environment.
  • You need assistance with scalability and elasticity.
  • You need help with security and compliance.
  • You need help with disaster recovery and business continuity.


How can your business benefit from utilizing a managed cloud service?

Your business can benefit from managed cloud services in several ways including:

  • Significant cost savings by eliminating the money involved to purchasing hardware, software, and labor.
  • Flexibility to add or remove resources as needed based on your requirement.
  • Reliable data backups even in the event of a disaster.
  • Security best practices including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and encryption.
  • Assure with various compliance standards and industry regulations, such as HIPAA and PCI DSS.
  • 24/7 support to resolve issues quickly and easily.


How does the pricing structure work for managed cloud services?

The pricing structure for managed cloud services can vary depending on the provider and the specific services included. Here are some common factors that influence the pricing of managed cloud services:

  • Resource usage
  • Service level and scope
  • Customization and add-on services
  • Contract duration
  • Scalability
  • Data storage and backups
  • Data transfer and egress costs
  • Additional features and tools

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